Selected Writing

The Dispossessed
ProPublica and The New Yorker

Below Deck
The California Sunday Magazine

We Keep The Wall Between Us As We Go
This American Life


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Safe House, The California Sunday Magazine, October 2018

Whatever's Your Darkest Question, You Can Ask Me, The California Sunday Magazine, March 2018

We Keep The Wall Between Us As We Go, This American Life, March 2018

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Below DeckThe California Sunday Magazine, February 2017

One of Us: Life and Death in Duterte's War on DrugsHarper's, December 2016

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Government plans threaten projects offering safe homes to young adults, The Guardian, June 2016

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Compromised and under pressure: social housing in the wake of universal creditThe Guardian, March 2016

Changeover to universal credit is driving people into long-term debtThe Guardian, February 2016

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Railway suicides: how a new kind of policing is helping to save lives, The Independent, September 2015

The UK's National Health Service is shutting out veterans with PTSD, Vice, September 2015

Blood on the tracksPolitico, September 2015

Drug addiction grows on Thai rubber farms, Al Jazeera, November 2014

Military raids and Thai red shirt disquietAl Jazeera, June 2014

What is really at stake in the Thai protests?, December 2012